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Our project process is as follows:

  1. Submitted
  2. The first step of any task/project is submission. In this stage, we work together to determine the goal & scope of your project and the tasks required to achieve that goal.

  3. Estimated
  4. At the second stage we provide you with an estimated invoice. This invoice will determine the structure & scope of the project and is the initial step towards design & development of the project. All invoices contain a deposit amount that must be paid in full before project work may begin.

  5. In Progress
  6. In progress tasks contain a log of estimated hours and actual hours completed to date.*

  7. Testing
  8. Tasks that are in the testing phase are nearly complete. Testing includes cross browser compatibility for Safari 4.0+, Chrome 6.0+, Firefox 3.5+, Internet Explorer 7.0+, Opera 10.5+ and other browsers/mobile devices upon request.

  9. Completed
  10. Once testing is finished, the task status is updated to completed. At this stage, we await approval from you before migrating this feature to your live website.

  11. Approved
  12. Once approved, the task is archived and the feature developed is migrated to the live site. Once approved, tasks may be re-opened for up to 2 weeks, after which point a new task should be submitted if need be.

* If actual hours completed to date for all tasks exceeds all pre-paid hours remaining from the initial deposit/additional payments you will be invoiced for an additional/final payment (depending on payment schedules).